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As a leading IT support company, our ESS services provide a verified and industry peer reviewed approach that effectively facilitates optimal and continual operation of your organization, from computers, desktops and network infrastructures to entire support culture consisting of staff, tools and best-practice applications. Our comprehensive technical support solutions will also help protect your often-sizable investments in technology as well as ensure server stability and service request response times for your organization. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals has a proven track record of helping customers realize the true potential of their investment in technology and that they are aligned with their overall business plans and objectives. Through a fixed, annual fee basis, our value-based offerings will help reduce your monthly IT expenditures while in the meantime rewarding your organization with increased levels of system stability and performance. We accomplish this goal by providing outstanding and personable technical resources throughout the entire customer experience at all times and at all costs.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Define How We Respond To Your Issues And Requests. They Reflect Our Reliability, Efficiency And Confidence In The Support That We Provide. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Essentially Represent Our Promise To Deal With Your ICT Issues And Requests Within A Given Time Frame. They Show That We Have An Efficient And Mature Process For Providing IT Support And That You Can Have Confidence In Us. Our SLAs Depend On The Agreed Covered Hours And The Priority Of Your Issue Or Request. We Can Provide Bespoke SLAs To Suit Your Needs – Extended Hours Of Cover (24x7x365, Weekends, Public Holidays), Different Speeds Of Response, Priority, Or Cover For Different Types Of Equipment. Just Ask!
We believe that a business should always be able to solidly focus on its concerned market, not on its concerned IT needs. And when it comes to the deployment, integration or migration of your IT infrastructure, it can be a scary task without the key people to make it happens. By bringing together only the most distinguished solutions with specialists of the highest accomplishment, we are able to assure you of our confidence behind every proposition we make to relieve your organization of any IT overhead, so that you can stay on top of your competition while taking the fullest advantage of your IT investment. Through the managed outsourcing of skilled and innovative manpower to closely follow your project demands, we help you reach answers that exact to deliver. We insure the Best-in-class Outsourcing operations and we guarantee that you get only the most accurate, prompt and satisfactory service

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